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From Frustration to Innovation

Fumbling through show and movie recs saved in their Notes app, Dara and James wondered which friends’ suggestions they would like the most. Wouldn’t it be helpful if there was an app that stored and sorted recs from their friends and showed whose tastes were similar to their own? From that, their baby “dino” was born, and it has grown mighty.

Revolutionary Core Technology

CliqRex integrates cutting-edge AI with the warmth of genuine friendships to deliver unparalleled recommendation experiences. Our patent-published Affinity Engine™ is a pioneering technology designed to measure and compare the similarity in tastes between individuals across a broad spectrum of products and services. This AI not only fine-tunes suggestions by exploring shared interests and behaviors but also strengthens social connections, making every recommendation personalized and a means to bring people closer.

Affinity Engine®

Global Reach, Personal Touch

Understanding the global landscape, CliqRex adapts to each user’s locale, offering a customized list of streaming services by country. This global reach, coupled with localized content, ensures everyone, everywhere, has access to tailored entertainment options.

Scalable Technology

The true beauty of CliqRex lies in the scalability of its algorithm. Beyond digital entertainment, the Rex algorithm is ready to transform recommendations across any product category, showcasing our vision for a platform that evolves with its users’ needs.

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Early Success

Our MVP has not only been built but is also thriving in app stores. It’s topped the Apple and Google Play App Store rankings and garnered many five-star reviews through organic growth, a testament to its appeal and the demand for such a personalized, socially connected entertainment platform.

Revenue Streams

We have 5 revenue streams for CliqRex; Ads, Sponsors, Premium, Affiliate, and User Data. Get in touch if you’d like to see our in-depth CliqRex AARRR (Acquire, Activate, Referral, Retention, and Revenue) Pirate Metric Financial Projections.

Why Invest?

Supporting CliqRex is more than funding an app; it’s backing a revolution in how we discover, enjoy, and share entertainment and much more. It’s an investment in technology built to scale, adapt, and redefine the digital landscape, one recommendation at a time.

Join the Revolution

As CliqRex grows, so do our community and the opportunities for our investors. Be part of a future where every recommendation is personal, every connection meaningful, and the potential limitless.

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